2012 cricket academy Scholarship winners announced

The Academy Intake in Sussex has recently been announced and three of those in the intake have been awarded scholarships for 2012.

Craig Young, Matthew Hobden and John Glover are all going to benefit from the scholarship programme and are going to get training from professionals.

Glover who was born in Shoreham is 19 years old and made his debut match against Oxford last season. Hobden, who is 18, has been playing cricket in Sussex for five years and he’s going to continue to play in Cardiff as this is where he is going to study at university.

Young is the oldest of the three, at 21 years old, and he has been playing cricket for the last 11 years. In 2010 the Irishman moved to Sussex and has unfortunately struggled with injuries, although he is now fit again.

The manager at Cricket Performance is Keith Greenfield and he said, “All three of these players are exceptional bowlers and they have a lot of talent. We’re very much looking forward to fostering their progress. Glover is a local kid and we are very pleased to see that he is playing such exceptional cricket lately. All of these young cricketers are going to gain from the professional training that we can offer them.”