3 police vehicles in separate crashes within 24 hours

In what may bring into question the driving practices of the local police force in the Sussex area, three police vehicles were involved in three separate road accidents within a single 24 hour period.

The separate accidents didn’t leave those involved unscathed either, with one women suffering what is said to be quite serious injuries and a police officer who may possibly have a broken leg as a result of one of the other accidents.

One police officer was injured as a result of an unfortunate collision between a van and a police car the officer was travelling in. This accident happened in Ditchling Road in the Brighton area.

Later the next day, two other crashes happened in Littlehampton and Hove, both within the space of just 15 minutes. As a result of the Hove accident, it is known that a 54 year old woman remains in hospital having suffered serious injuries.

In one case, a policewoman ended up trapped inside her police car for an hour before firefighters were able to pry her out of the vehicle. She and the special constable who was travelling in the passenger seat, were both taken to a nearby hospital.

Whilst a number of members of the public were injured, mostly minor injuries but one more seriously, and members of the Sussex police force were also injured in the accidents, none are believed to have life threatening injuries at this time.

Sussex police did comment that this was very unusual to have three accidents involving police vehicles within the space of only 24 hours. The public were assured that each crash would be thoroughly investigated to determine the cause.