3 Sussex employers create nearly 1000 jobs between them

The next year will see almost a thousand new jobs created in the Sussex area from three major employers. Unemployment levels have been continuing to fall despite the poor economy over the last four months across the UK and Sussex is one area that will benefit from the shift.

Asda will create about 500 jobs by opening a new store in the Ferring near Worthing area next month in November. General Manager for Asda Ferring, Martyn Gallon, stated that they are proud to be opening a store in such a warm and welcoming community.

In addition, they are also happy to support the community by adding on hundreds of jobs and are reviewing applications right now. In addition, Asda also said that they are still taking applications for several positions.

Sainsbury’s is also slated to open a new Bognor store at the start of 2013 with the hope of creating 400 new jobs. Many of the jobs will be part time which is actually aligned with the national trend. Statistics reveal that many of the new jobs over the past year have actually been part time positions.

Unemployment data released in August revealed that the amount of part time employees in the city increased by about 134,000 up to a total of 8.12m which is the highest number that it has sat at since the records first started in 192.

Even if they are part time, Sussex people should be happy about the new job positions. Hastings Direct the insurance firm has also announced the creation of 200 jobs over the course of the next year with full and part time job positions available.