Bognor Regis has had many regeneration plans put forward for consideration recently, and these plans might threaten the future of the famous Picturedrome cinema.

The district council have said they are considering plans that will replace the current cinema with a multiplex one that is going to attract more people into the town, and should provide a boost to the economy.

The Picturedrome is owned by the town council and they have said that if there were to be a multiplex cinema developed, then the Picturedrome would almost certainly go out of business. The Picturedrome was constructed in 1886 and it still shows films when they are first released.

A representative from the town council, Roger Nash, has commented, “If a multiplex cinema comes to Bognor Regis then the first release movies are definitely going to be given to this location instead of the Picturedrome. Essentially, this means that audience numbers will suffer to such an extent that revenue will decline and the business will be forced to close.”

Mr Nash continued, “Other than the propositions of a multiplex cinema, we support the various regeneration plans that have been put forward. We want to see other leisure activities in the area and we think these should take priority over having another cinema. We would recommend a bowling alley, laser quest or perhaps an ice skating facility.”

Those who have been putting forward the regeneration plans have said that the other propositions put forward by the town council will simply not attract as many people as a cinema would. A representative commented, “A bowling alley simply won’t bring in enough people to make the region economically viable but a multiplex cinema can. The town council must understand this is important for the economic future of Bognor Regis and the surrounding area.”