4 year old attacked in a Sussex park

On the 25th September a 4 year old child was attacked in a park in East Sussex. The boy was pushed to the ground and then punched by two boys who were aged 11 and 12. They them swung the child around and threw him into a climbing frame. The police have said that he suffered from a swollen forehead. The attack happened at the Shinewater Community Centre and the boy was with his 11 year old brother and 8 year old sister.

PC James Mackintosh has said, “The boy had a medical condition already that could have meant that his injuries could have been much more severe. The whole event has been very hard for his family.” The police have also said that a man tried to prevent the attack but was unable to get into the park because the attackers had barricaded the gate into it.

After the attack the man came in and spoke to the victim before finding the mother of the child and altering her. The police will be talking to two suspects this week but they are encouraging witnesses to the crime to step forward, especially the man who was at the scene who remains an unknown