40 arrests reported at the Brighton Gay Pride festival

Police in Sussex have recently stated that in relation to the gay pride festival which recently took place in Brighton, 40 people have been arrested. Most of the offences for the arrested people related to drinking, drugs, and theft, but there were some cases of affray and common assault.

Graham Bartlett, the Chief Superintendent of Brighton and Hove has commented, “This event is a huge festival and it is no surprise that some people were arrested for these offences. Given the relatively low number of arrests, we can say that the event was a huge success in terms of security. Most people who attended the event will have had a wonderful time and will enjoy great memories of the 2012 festival.”

The event is attended by tens of thousands of people and the police have stated that it is a challenge to safely manage such a large group. The police have been criticised by some people for kettling some members of a campaign group involved with the Festival – Queers Against the Cuts.

An official statement from the organisers of the festival stated, “This group were accepted into the parade because we believe that it should be an event that is open to everyone, but the police did raise some concerns about it. We were asked to move this campaign group to the back of the parade, and we tried to do this, but the group refused to cooperate. In order to pressure them into the move, we stated that if they did not move to the back we would officially exclude them from the parade, at which point they agreed to do so.”