A guide to releasing equity

A free booklet from chartered financial planners, Square One Financial Planning LLP, is now available, and provides homeowners with help and guidance from experts on how to release equity in their home or other property.

Advertised as an impartial and objective guide to people looking to release the value in their property, the booklet can be downloaded from www.squareonefinancial.co.uk, is entitled ‘Equity Release’, and is entirely free of charge.

The booklet primarily deals with the various manners in which equity can be released from a property, and explores the advantages and disadvantages of each; these include options including downsizing, equity mortgage release and home reversion.

CareSure, another of the company’s services, has also just been launched, and the booklet’s release coincides with the launch of this. CareSure aims to help and assist both families and individuals looking to self-fund their own care in the long run, the number of which appears to be increasing.

CareSure aims to advise and inform theUKpopulation on how best to pay for this long term care, and works closely alongside care providers in doing so, as well as in tandem with estate agents and solicitors.

The booklet helps combine these two ideas, discussing the pros and cons of using any funds generated by equity release to supplement a person or family’s income, and explains how this might be possible.

Primarily then, the booklet aims to provide local homeowners – Square One are based in Horsham, Sussex – with all the relevant information to make an informed decision on equity release and to prepare them for the processes required.

John Kelly, of both CareSure and Square One, expressed his belief that equity release ‘shouldn’t be entered into lightly’, but believes the booklet will prove useful in preparing homeowners for the processes involved.