A look at the history of Pevensey

As far as historical towns go, Pevensey is one of the best in the whole of England. Combine its amazing countryside scenery with its third century Roman-built Pevensey castle and you come close to understanding why this East Sussex town is such a popular choice among historical tourists. Not wanting to be left behind, it has an array of restaurants and pubs that keep it modern and relevant while preserving its historical heritage

What most people do not know about this town is that it used to be situated on an island in the middle of the sea. Years later the sea is no more, and what is left of it is now what we all call Pevensey Bay. Another historical fact that you probably never knew; this is where William the Conqueror and his troops landed in 1066.

Pevensey castle is a landmark of utter beauty, and proved very useful during the Second World War and Spanish Amada as a defensive fort. If you don’t do anything whilst in Pevensey, you have to at least visit the castle for its sheer historicity alone.

If you thought Pevensey castle was all this beautiful town had to offer then think again. Another unique and popular attraction is The Old Mint House; a name derived from the fact that it was built on the land that used to hold an old mint. Over here you get the opportunity to walk in the same room that King Edward VI once used, among other things

And in case your thirst for historical artefacts has not been quenched yet, this next building; our Tudor Court House should provide just what you need. Built before the 7th Century, it’s no surprise it holds the record of being the oldest town hall in England.

This enchanting historical town can be reached after a short train journey, but if you would rather prefer to stay the night there are many bed and breakfasts, as well as hostels that will cater to your every need.