Abandoned Puppies have now become Canine Partners

Thanks to two well know animal charities; Canine Partners and Jerry Green Dog Rescue, 3 unwanted pups have embarked on a whole new journey by being trained to become assistance dogs for the disabled.

Labrador puppies Sonny, Oscar and Finn, now known as Rizzo, Rex and Rolo respectively, were first taken in by Jerry Green who then offered them to Canine Partners, the national charity who provide specially trained assistance dogs to those who have disabilities thus giving them both a better quality of life and an increased independence.

The dogs will spend a year being socialised with puppy parents to teach them basic core skills and obedience before receiving advanced training from Canine Partners, who are based in West Sussex.

They will then be partnered with a disabled person to help them with practical tasks such as opening and closing doors and cupboards, getting undressed, pressing buttons and switches, unloading washing machines and tumble driers and fetching help in an emergency.

“This is the first time Canine Partners have adopted dogs from Jerry Green Dog Rescue and we were delighted by the charity’s offer of support,” said Julie Berkley, Canine Partners’ Manager of Puppy Supply and Training.

“Our canine partners provide practical day-to-day assistance with tasks that may be difficult, painful or impossible for their disabled owners to perform. They also offer companionship, unconditional love and affection which is so unique to dogs.

“Labradors and retrievers are best suited to this kind of work as it harnesses their natural abilities, so we were very pleased to be able to take these three Labrador puppies from Jerry Green and to show that rescue dogs can make fantastic assistance dogs.”

David Foulds, Chief Executive of Jerry Green Dog Rescue, said: “These puppies would have cost Canine Partners a considerable sum had they been bought from a breeder so we were only too pleased to help them with this adoption.

“The puppies will be absolutely adored throughout their training and when they move into a home. They will make a massive difference to a person with disabilities for the rest of their lives.”

If you would like to adopt a dog from Jerry Green Dog Rescue visit the website www.jerrygreendogs.org.uk and make contact with your nearest rescue centre. If you would like further information about Canine Partners, please visit www.caninepartners.org.uk.