Abandoned vehicles cause major problems on Sussex roads

Ice and snow forced drivers to leave their vehicles on the roadsides in chaos caused by weather on January twenty-second. It was stated that traffic had slowed to a stand still all the way from Handcross Hill on the A23, all the way down to the cost. The most heavily affected area was a piece of road heading south from Pyecombe to Brighton.

The Sussex Police advised anyone not needed to travel to stay home as the A27 and A23 were closed due to the weather. The brave ones who did travel were told to turn around, to exit the road, or to head to a service station as the storm worsened.

Reports came in that vehicles were having trouble staying on the road on the B2110 Horsham Road in Handcross, and the same was happening as cars exited the A23. Drivers said they had travel times of three to four hours on the A23, but elsewhere some traffic came to a complete stop.

Snow ploughs started to clear the roadways, and the abandoned vehicles were removed from the roads. Gritters worked to spread on the roadways as the blizzard conditions continued. Wednesday morning the roads were still quite bad, but the local police said that traffic was able to move on the A27 and the A23 despite the abandoned cars.

On the A264 in between Crawley and Horsham drivers reported drive times of an hour due to the weather. Per the Met Office, no more snow is due to fall in Crawley, which is good. What has fallen will take a bit to fully clean up, and also attempting to clear all the abandoned vehicles has proven to be quite a chore.