Abidine Sakande shines at cricket academy

The starlet Abidine Sakande of Three Bridges has keep his spot in the Sussex County Cricket Academy. Through an gruelling two-month trial, the ex-Lindfield paceman has advanced toward making a place for himself at the professional level.

He completed a good campaign in the previous summer by opening the bowling in the developing side of the county and by assisting Bridges advance into the Sussex Premier League. In the England Under 18s/19s Development Programme, he will stay for now following multiple appearances in the Sharks’ Second XI.

It was without surprise that James Chadburn, the chairman of Bridges, has stated he sees a bright future for the speedy bowler. He said that it is excellent and everyone is so happy for him. Sussex has lofty hopes for his future.

Of course, Chadburn said, how he continues to develop is key. In the development programme, the thought is he has the potential to progress all the way to the professional level. Chadburn praised his overall athleticism, his fielding, and his progress in batting.

One of his best qualities Chadburn said was his work ethic, yet he also had high things to say of his pleasant demeanour and said he was an excellent guy to have on the club. As an opening batsman, Chadburn had direct experience of Sakande’s abilities when they faced off in the nets.

Chadburn finished his praise by saying he’s a smart young man, and he can bowl faster. Only thing is that the coaches are working to improve his consistency. There’s an excellent chance he’ll be back in the summer even quicker than before. Chadburn said he faced him back when he was only 14 and he was good then.