‘Angry Birds’ theme park expected in the UK

An activity park which has been based on the very popular mobile game, Angry Birds, is going to open in Finland this month and it is expected that in the near future a similar activity park is going to open in the UK.

The parks have been established with the hope that they will get children involved in exercise by having fun with a game they already are familiar with. The parks are going to feature swings, rides, sandpits and a range of towers to climb. The creators of the video game have said that they are working to create a world that fuses the virtual with the real.

Finland is where the original video game was developed and the activity park is set to open at Sarkanniemi Amusement Park which is in the country. The chief marketing officer at the company is Peter Vesterbacka and he has recently commented, “There is an increasing problem in Europe that children are becoming overweight because they are spending too much time in front of the television and playing computer games.

We recognise this problem and think that by making exercise fun we can encourage children to exercise. We believe that by fusing the virtual world with the physical we will encourage children to do more exercise and they have before.

By going to these activity parks they will be able to access additional content in the game and become part of leaderboards online. Modern mobile phones provide an opportunity like we have never seen before for integrating the online world into real-life and this is something we want to take advantage of.”

The manager of the activity park is going to be the Lappset Group and it is expected that after the successful launch of the activity park in Finland, they are going to open at many locations around the UK. It is expected that the company will target locations such as shopping centres, adventure playgrounds, and various other recreational spaces.

A representative from Lappset has commented, “There is currently been no specific timeframe stated for when we will be rolling out these parks in the UK. We have begun negotiations with parks in West Sussex and Hampshire but nothing has been finalised just yet.”

Mr Vesterbacka continued saying, “We think there is an even greater potential for our video game in the future. For example, our research shows that people tend to play our game for around two hours every week on average. This is a very small figure when you compare it to how much people watch television. We think that there are definitely ways for our game to be integrated with television and various other forms of media.”

The company has also announced that assuming the parks are successful that they will launch them in China and the United States as well. The largest market for the video game is currently the United States although this demand is closely followed by that from China.

Last year it was the most popular paid for app from Apple and the game is played by over 30 million people every day. Angry birds is played every day for 300 million minutes overall, if this amount was to be played by one person it would take them nearly 600 years.

The company behind the game have recently purchased an animation studio in order to create Angry Birds cartoons as well as make a movie. No further details about this production have currently been released and it is unknown when a movie will be created.Mr Vesterbacka stated, “We think we have a real opportunity to turn our company into an entertainment giant.”