Applicants waiting 8 weeks for their disabled badges due to backlog

The backlog of applicants for disabled badges in the UK has meant that disabled motorists have a wait of over eight weeks before they get their badge delivered. Councils have said that these motorists are having to wait for several weeks because the councils do not have enough staff in order to process the applications fast enough.

One of the reasons for the delay is because the badge system is being changed in order to cut down on the number of people who are fraudulently acquiring the badgers. Council officials are now responsible for assessing motorists to see whether they are eligible for disabled badges, which was a responsibility that was previously held by doctors.

As well as the method of acquisition of one of these badges, the badge has also been redesigned so it is harder to forge. It is estimated that in West Sussex around 1800 applications are being processed each and every month. It is estimated that over 200 new applications are put in every month, while 800 previous badge holders are being reviewed.

So far in East Sussex, 3000 applications have been made in 2012, and around 171 of these applications have been refused. More serious cases of motorists abusing their privilege has resulted in 10 people being interviewed, and 80 percent of these people having their badges withdrawn.

A spokesperson from the council stated, “Applications can be speeded up by individuals providing all the information correctly. Currently the highest priority in the queue is being given to people who already hold a disabled badge, and are simply waiting for it to be reviewed to see if they are still eligible to have it.”