Application made for new green power plant in Shoreham

Edgeley Green Power are a company that specialise in the creation of green power plants. They’ve recently said that they have put in an application for a facility to be built in West Sussex, specifically in Shoreham, which is going to be burning animal fats and vegetable oil. This power station is going to cost £20 million to construct and it is going to be built alongside an existing power plant in the area.

The company responsible for the construction estimates that it will power around 18,000 homes and could be open as soon as 2014. The council leader for the local area, Neil Parkin has stated that he has welcomed the application by the company.

Mr Parkin commented, “We initially had to reject the first application from the company because we wanted them to only be burning environmentally friendly fuels that had been approved by the Environment Agency. They have made these improvements to the proposition and we are delighted to be able to consider it again.”

The company said that if the plant goes ahead with construction it is going to bring 70 jobs to the area during the construction period, and 20 of these will be permanent once the plant is operational.

The chief executive of the company is Mike Reynolds and he has commented, “We think that this location is perfect for us to build this power plant as we are able to bring in all of the fuel we are going to burn by sea. This means that we are not going to impact greatly on road traffic in the area but instead will be making excellent use of the port facilities in the area.”