Astraeus Airlines set to rock and roll again

Bruce Dickinson the lead singer of Iron Maiden has vowed to bring back Astraeus Airlines the Sussex based flight company that is now in administration.  The Crawley airline announced last Monday that it was forced into administration due to lowered unexpected travel rates over the summer.

Dickinson a marketing director and pilot for the Sussex airline captained the airlines last flight out of Saudi Arabia and announced that he has hard at work on a plan that will help keep the company afloat.  According to Dickinson he is aiming to either save the airline or at least come up with a new business that will create jobs for his former co-workers and friends from Astraeus.

He added that he already has talked to investors who are interested in taking on the company and is also thinking about starting up a flight training business both of which have been well received from the moment he landed his plane on Monday and heard the news.

Dickson vowed to get back behind the controls in the cockpit of a commercial airline before too long but he also might be at the head of the company that owns the airline he flies for if all goes as well.  In the past Dickinson has used Astraeus to transport his band to and from their tour dates.