Autumn and winter flood warnings for Sussex

The summer was a bit of a disaster in the UK, and it seems as if winter could be equally troubling, as people in Sussex have recently been warned that there could be a great deal of flooding throughout the autumn and winter.

The groundwater levels in this county are exceptionally high, because of the large amount of rainfall over the summer, and the spring. This has led the Environment Agency to issue a warning that even very little rain could possibly spark a flood in the county.

There was a hosepipe ban that was imposed through April and July in some parts of the county, and despite this, the groundwater levels are now exceptionally high. April was incredibly rainy, and the effects of this very wet season are still being felt well into the winter. Rainy weather continued in October, and left many of the rivers in the county completely full of water, as well as the ground around them entirely saturated.

Emergency services in the county are preparing to deal with flooding that could occur, and people are being encouraged to prepare to protect their homes from floods. An awareness campaign has just been organised by the Environment Agency, and it is hoped that this awareness campaign will prevent a repeat of the devastating floods that occurred in June. During this time, it was very notable because an entire month’s worth of rain fell in just 12 hours.

During this time, the emergency services were overwhelmed, and council staff were forced to use inflatable boats in order to reach homes in order to assist people. Some parts of the county were left flooded under six feet of water.