Bats in Sussex suffering due to the weather

Unusual weather conditions have been causing significant problems for bats recently and the Sussex Wildlife Trust has recently stated that many of these animals, which are nocturnal, have been having a great deal of distress in recent weeks.

The mild winter has meant that there has not been as many insects for the animals to prey upon, which means that they are not being able to find enough food. Furthermore, the wet summer has meant that these animals are unable to find prey because they cannot fly when it is raining. Overall, these two factors have meant there is simply not enough food available for the bats, and many of them are starving to death.

The chairwoman of the Bat Group in Sussex is Amanda Millar and she has recently stated, “Recently we have had to treat 35 bats who have been injured, and that was just in July. This is particularly alarming number when you consider that we normally only treat around 40 bats over the course of the entire year.

We treat bats at a hospital in Hurstpierpoint and we encourage people to bring in injured bats at any time. People should remember to only handle bats when they are wearing gloves.