Black venetian choice are the designer’s choice

Only a few years ago, the thoughts of having black venetian blinds in the home would fill most of us with dread. While it has also been a major player in the world of fashion, black has never really made it into the world of interior design, with the exception of soft furnishings, rugs and a couple of other items. Nowadays, however, they are very much in vogue and those with their fingers on the fashion pulse are realising how beneficial they can be to their property.

Those movers and shakers who live in forward thinking counties such as Sussex, Kent or Surrey were amongst the first to pick up on the appeal of black venetian blinds and realise their potential. They have been around for several decades now and first came into vogue back in the 1960’s when almost every kitchen window in the UK was adorned by a multi coloured, plastic venetian blind, but thankfully things have moved on a lot since then.

Today’s venetian blinds tend to consist of wooden or aluminium slats, or even both. They are easy to fix, easy to look after, and come in such a wide range of colours, textures and effects that those ancestors from the 60’s seem to come from a different planet.  The choice of blinds on the website will give you an insight into everything available right now, and help you to make informed choices.

You can get black venetian blinds in both a gloss or matt finish to compliment or contrast with the rest of your décor, and while blinds may not be the first thing you consider when you are redecorating a room, they are the classy finishing touch that will create the evocative and classy result that you are aiming for.  With different widths of slats also available, you can choose whichever you feel best fits in with your choices.

There is no doubt that black venetian blinds bring a cool and contemporary look to any home, whilst also giving an impression of style and minimalism. They can either offset the neutral tones of the room by making a bold fashion statement, or if you have a patterned feature wall with a splash of black you can pick up on that and carry it on to the windows.

For far too long now boring vertical blinds have been the number one choice in Britain, but since the resurgence of interest in venetian blinds really gripped the country they are becoming more and more obsolete. Their price makes them difficult to replace if you tire of them, and the whole cleaning procedure involved in vertical blinds also puts off a lot of householders.

Professional interior designers often come out with ideas that the masses dismiss, but in the case of black venetian blinds they have got it spot on. From their first appearances in office buildings and commercial buildings they are now becoming a hit in homes in a really big way, and are set to be the biggest window craze for decades.