Boxing Day shoppers at Sussex Tesco find Easter Eggs

Even though most of us still have our decorations up, and the last of turkey has barely left the fridge, one major supermarket is already looking ahead and preparing for Easter. Boxing Day shoppers at Tesco were stunned to find Easter Eggs on the shelves next to the leftover packets of mince pies and reduced price crackers.

A store in Worthing, Surrey started selling their Cadbury’s chocolate Easter Chicks, each bearing a label proclaiming Happy Easter, on Monday while other stores have shelves filled with Creme Eggs. Easter Sunday isn’t until April 8th this year, so these chocolate treats are on sale a full 14 weeks before the actual event.

One customer, 33 year old Ciaran McCrickard said that Easter eggs seem to go on sale earlier every year, and that he still hadn’t finished the chocolate he got in his Christmas stocking. A spokesman for Tesco has said that they are simply responding to customer’s demands, and that as they had been asked by their customers to provide a small range of chocolate eggs they were happy to supply them, and Creme Eggs in particular started selling immediately.

This may be so, but they certainly seem out of place considering a huge Christmas tree welcomes you as you enter the store, and tinsel is still adorning the aisles. There has also been an angry reaction on Twitter, which shoppers saying that it has ruined the Christmas spirit. Colin Bloom tweeted that he was speechless, the bay designated for seasonal chocolate was now full of Easter Eggs!

There were many other tweets in the same vein, with one saying that the world had gone mad, and Tesco should be ashamed of themselves for putting Easter Eggs on the shelves in December.