Brighton Seafront

The beach at Brighton has long been a magnet for tourists and holidaymakers looking for rest and relaxation, or fun and excitement. Traditionally it is Londoners who frequent these glorious stretches of English coastline, thereby earning the place the common nickname of London Beach.

The entire seafront at Brighton stretches for an enormously long seven miles, and that is seven miles which is absolutely packed with attractions and things to do, from fun-fairs and pleasure-beaches to olde-worlde ice-cream sellers and deckchairs for hire. The one and only thing which lets this shoreline down is that the beaches are pebbled rather than sand.

There are so many attractions and events going on along the great length of Brighton’s shoreline that it would be impossible to describe them all here. Having said that, there are a few which are just that little bit extra special and so should be mentioned.

One particularly special event is the annual ‘Paddle round the pier’ event. This is a fund-raiser with a real difference. It was all started back in 1996 by a guy called Dave Samuels, he attracted publicity for the first event on a skateboard with a loud-hailer, skating and shouting his way up and down the promenade.

It worked, and now the event is a national date for the diary for many, entrants come from as far away as Hawaii, as well as many other countries and there are twelve thousand pounds worth of prizes to be won.

The idea is that people in canoes, kayaks, longboats or laying on top of surfboards quite literally ‘paddle round the pier’ in a loose sort of race. It’s a free event but everybody is expected to contribute somehow, through donations, raising sponsorship, or any other means that they can think of – the more original and novel, the better.

The event has become more popular every year and is now a huge, nationally recognised event. One regular entrant is a dog. ‘Flip-Flop the Jack Russell has ridden along on the back of a Kayak for the last four paddles consecutively!

There are many such events going on all summer, and some during the rest of the year, with more being dreamed up and added every year.

For those who prefer a little peace and quiet there are areas of the beaches reserved for just this purpose. There is even a nudist beach for those who prefer to soak up the sun whilst completely naked. There really is something for everyone – no matter what you’re into.