Cash boost set to improve Newhaven market

There is a speculation that Newhaven Chamber of Commerce will be awarded £10,000 pounds. This money will be spent on revitalisation and enlargement of the weekly High Street Market. The said money came from Mary Portas, Queen of the High Street. Some portions of the money will be used in making the centre of the town even more attractive and appealing to the public.

Newhaven has actively taken part last year; however, it was not included in the list of 12 chosen towns in the Pilot Bid. Those towns that actively taken part, but were not chosen were awarded 10,000 pounds to significantly help them make their town centres even more attractive and appealing. The said amount was funded to the New Haven Chamber of Commerce by the Town Team. The lead member of the Town Team is Lewes District Council.

The current street market operates every Thursdays and Saturdays. Throughout the years, it has significantly lessened its size to just a few numbers of stalls. The Chamber of Commerce plans to enliven and expand the market to full range stalls.

If you are going to shop in High Street, you will be able to find all sorts of traders selling various types of products including local home made produce, crafts, organic goods, clothing, fruits and vegetables, household supplies, and many more.

A portion of the money will be spent to revitalise the town centre thereby helping it looks better and visually appealing to people. To be able to meet the predefined goals, the Chamber of Commerce decided to appoint a full time manager to manage the market. Gillian Smith is the newly appointed manager. She has been a resident of Newhaven for 12 years now. She is more into family and community work. She takes the role as a challenge, but she admits she is very happy with her new role.