Choosing the Right Office Space with Principles in Mind

Choosing the right office space is important – be it something small and humble in your local town or even garden, or something more grand like London West End office space SW1. We don’t have the space to go through every different scenario. After all, there are so many variations. Instead, we’re going to discuss the principles you need to address in your chosen space.

Does it Meet Your Needs?

This is the basic task you have to accomplish. It’s pointless to have a fantastic office if it doesn’t meet your needs.

For example, an office might have the best view in the city, but if it’s inconvenient for clients it’s not going to work.

Write down a checklist of what the office absolutely must have and what you can’t compromise on. This will narrow your choices down immediately.

Location, Location, Location

Even an office that fulfills your needs isn’t ideal if it’s in the middle of nowhere. You need a location that’s easy to reach and offers adequate parking spaces. It might be fine for someone who doesn’t take in clients off the street, but a business that deals directly with the general public must have a convenient location.


What sort of limitations will the landlord impose upon you?

If you want to redecorate and truly make the office your own, you need permission. Serviced offices in London often have quite strict limits on exactly what you can do to the office space.

Ask about what can be done to the serviced offices before committing to a contract. If it doesn’t fulfill your needs now, you need to know whether you can change that after you move in.