Collaboration works to address domestic abuse issues

Sussex police are working with crimestoppers to launch a campaign that would increase the amount of information about domestic abuse that would come in from third parties. The campaign has also been supported by Brighton and Hove football club and is being launched this month.

There was a similar successful campaign run in London by the Metropolitan police and it has resulted in a great many more people contacting crimestoppers to report incidents of domestic abuse.

The chairman of crimestoppers in Sussex is Cathy Burke who commented, “We are asking people to think about those who are being mentally and physically abused in their homes by someone they trust. This is something that most people can’t imagine happening to them but it is important that we consider the impact it can have on people’s lives.

“Those who commit domestic abuse must be punished as it is an incredibly harrowing crime. If you know of people who are being abused or you know someone who’s abusing someone then you can contact crimestoppers anonymously. Information can be given both on the internet and on the telephone and it will be taken very seriously.”

A sexual violence manager at the local county council is Trish Harrison who commented, “We found that people want to be able to report domestic abuse and they want to be able to do this anonymously. This is why we have started the campaign, it allows people to report this type of crime without their information being shared.”

Giles York is the deputy chief constable and he commented, “We want to build a framework for victims to be able to come in and tell us about what is happening to them. This is a decision that will change their lives and one that is very challenging to make. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to come forward and tell us about crimes that are being committed against them.”