Cowdray Park House antiques auction

Cowdray Park House was on the market last year for £25m. This stately home in Sussex was the home of Viscount Cowdray who reportedly wanted to downsize. This month, antiques from Cowdray Park, as well as items from Dunecht, the Scottish home of his brother, Charles Pearson will be put up for auction.

Christie’s will be holding the auction and according to Andrew Waters, of Christie’s, Weetman Pearson, the first Viscount Cowdray, and his wife were among the most profuse and perceptive collectors of the early 20th Century and together with their son, Weetman Harold Miller Pearson, the second Viscount Cowdray, bought many of the artworks and antiques going on auction.

From a small company in Bradford, Weetman Pearson created one of the most successful business empires of the 20th century with one of the largest construction companies in the world.

In July nine works of art from Cowdray Park were sold for almost £11m and this included the full length portrait of Mrs. William Villebois, by Thomas Gainsborough, which sold for more that £6,5m.

Included in the sale will be the 16th century portrait by Robert Peake, originally identified as Elizabeth I but is more likely the Countess of Nottingham, Catherine Carey.  The estimated price is close to £350,000.

This three day auction of antiques and works of art will be held at Cowdray Park House in Midhurst and Christie’s informs that the house will be open to the public for the first time. This auction could fetch up to £5m.