Crawley is not as bad as it is made out to be

The news that the town of Crawley is to be names as one of the 50 worst towns in Britain has resulted in a fierce debate on the social network sites as to whether this not so esteemed honour should be bestowed on the town. Many of those objecting to this claim are Crawley residents, and they are understandably sticking up for their town,  pointing out in no uncertain terms that it has a lot more to offer than its neighbouring towns.

In order to get the authors of this book to rethink the inclusion of Crawley, 10 light hearted reasons have been cited as to why Crawley should be omitted from the list and another truly bad town take its place.

Tilgate Park is reckoned by residents to be one of the best parks in the world, better than South Park, Central Park and even footballer Ji-Sung Park. Crawley residents are very proud of their shops, and reckon that anyone who thinks otherwise should visit Horsham or Redhill as this will cause them to think again.

Nobody likes getting up at stupid o’clock and making their way to an airport in the cold and dark, with Gatwick Airport on the doorstep, the residents of Crawley get more of a lie in before their holidays than anyone else in the country. While Crawley Town may not be living life in the Premier League, they can claim to have played against Man United, something Reigate FC and Horsham Town can only dream about.

The K2 leisure centre has more to offer than most with its rock climbing facilities. In fact, the only sports you cannot do here are ski jumping, tiddlywinks and Quiddith, and it is rumoured that these are now being looked into. People you have actually heard of, such as the Chuckle Brothers and Jimmy Carr have graced the stage of the Hawth Theatre, unlike other towns whose claim to fame is yet another toe curling performance of Les Mis by the local operatic society.