Dealing with social isolation at Christmas time

Social isolation may be a curse for those who have feelings and emotions to share but not anyone else around to communicate to. With Christmas day coming closer and closer, more families are planning on getting together and calling all dear and near ones to arrive home.

Where all families will spend quality time together, eat delicious meals, show love to each other, and go on picnic during Christmas, all older people will spend the day together and remember their old times when they also had a family, once in the past.

Fortunately, West Sussex Country Council’s team is making good plans that are geared towards helping older people to combat loneliness and social isolation. The multi-agency PATs will figure out a way to help these people stay healthy, happy, and independent, including providing them sufficient emotional support, which could make a lot of difference in their lives.

Instead of crying and shedding tears on this Christmas, they will be laughing, eating, and dancing like others. A lot of voluntary and community sectors are going to arrange winter events in which older people will contribute socially, this will alleviate the negative effects of isolation, giving them a chance to feel pleased and delight, once again.

The winter events and programs are being supported by West Sussex Country Council, with a huge fund of gross £35,000. The payment will also be used for providing other amenities to contributors such as meals, warm and cozy environment, cupcakes, sweets and delights, social activities, music, live performances, and trips.

Age UK has estimated that over 500,000 old people will celebrate Christmas alone in the country. Knowing this huge number, West Sussex County is taking proper measures to make these people socialise with little effort as they needn’t be alone at all.

The county has finally come up with a good idea to support people; more information can be found on this website: To get more details please visit this website or call on support center on 0800 019 1310.