Demand for Goodwood Revival vintage outfits soars

One of the leading vintage couture brands in the South West Foxtrot Vintage Clothing announces a surge in Goodwood Revival orders. 

As temperatures cool down in the UK to close the summer holidays, West Sussex gears up to celebrate the annual Goodwood Revival. Unlike many other festivals attended this summer, the style guide for the vintage car celebration is firmly fixed on retro resplendence. One vintage clothing expert, Elena Jackson owner of Foxtrot Vintage Clothing has reported a sharp increase in themed orders, in preparation for this year’s event.

Trading for 10 years this year, Foxtrot have dressed regular visitors in classic period outfits for the Goodwood Revival throughout their years. The increasing popularity of retro clothing through television dramas has ignited a desire for authentic outfits across the country. Ibis World reported that the second hand clothes industry generated £2bn in revenue at the close of 2013 , which has seen a 1.6% increase since 2009.

Coupled with the increased popularity of the Goodwood Revival, Foxtrot attribute the spike in sales to people’s fascination with the retro. Elena, a vintage clothing expert said “I love finding suitable outfits, particularly for couples who want to be matched in  a period of choice. People dressed in our outfits often feature in the site photos and in the past, our outfits have won the prestigious ‘best dressed awards’ ”.

Foxtrot Vintage’s secret to success is down to the authenticity of the outfits. Whether it be 40s military inspired jackets and tea dresses, 50s rockabilly, or 60s minskirts and warm leatherette; they stock vintage with a story. Combined with Elena’s skill for assessing shape and size of individuals and finding the right outfit that matches their shape and suits the era, this makes for a premium service.

In light of the forecast colder spell, Elena advises attendees of the festival to try aviation jackets. Giving a bit of history to their appearance in the fashion world, she explained that they dated back to World War 2. Today many designers look to the skies for inspiration; drawing on these classic looks and incorporating military and aviation chic into collections. A pre loved, unique piece could be just the thing to keep warm in open topped cars popular with the festival.

Although the shops in Marlborough and Salisbury are busy, staff are always on hand to advise and there is always plenty of choice right down to hats, gloves, furs and handbags to complement any outfit perfectly. Due to speed of turnover, it is not possible to display the hundreds of items on the website. However, example pieces of their quality items can be seen at

To see samples or find out more information, please see Foxtrot Vintage Clothing’s website at