Domestic abuse seems to be on the rise in Sussex

According to recent numbers released by Sussex Police, it would appear that domestic abuse is on the raise in the region, with 982 incident calls having been reported during the Christmas and New Year period.

Comparatively, last year counted 643 calls for the same period. It seems that the highest amount of incidents was during New Year’s Day with a total of 129 calls that officers had to respond to. Out of the total amount of calls, 219 were classified as crimes, ranging anywhere from assault to harassment.

In order to respond to this raise, extra officers were sent out on patrol to respond to these domestic abuse cases during the Holidays, and despite that they had their hands full.

Det Sgt Hari Flanagan from Sussex Police said that this year’s increase was very noticeable, in part because the authorities had been campaigning with other agencies to raise the awareness of the public about domestic abuse. Support is not always easy to come by for victims, and through those campaigns support was offered to those who needed it.