Earthmonk launches its unique ‘clothing with soul’ range

Imagine being able to put on a t-shirt that inspires you to be more adventurous or to feel more optimistic or that helps you de-stress. That’s the aim of lifestyle company, Earthmonk, which launches its unique ‘clothing with soul’ range on the 22nd April.

Inspired by the personal journeys of the founders Gavin and Fiona Hancock, Earthmonk has been created for anyone who loves the ideas of living life consciously, happily and effortlessly. The clothing features stunning designs and mantras, which are designed to work on many levels and will mean different things to different people – it’s an individual thing as Gavin explains:

“The beauty of our clothing is that people can read as much or as little as they want into our designs. When trialling our initial range some people told us they loved the graphics and the feel of the garment whilst others said they felt a personal connection with the messages. One person told us that ‘flow with the way of things’ had become a mantra that he had personally adopted and that he’d gone on to use it every time his working day got challenging. When you are trying to make a change in the quality of people’s lives, it doesn’t get better than that!’

Earthmonk’s carefully crafted t-shirts are responsibly sourced and made from 100% organic cotton. They are perfect for anyone who would like to make their life more fulfilling, contented and ultimately easier.

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