East Sussex finally gets the digital switchover

The digital switchover has finally come to East Sussex and analogue TV signals have been turned off in thousands of homes in the area. This is the first phase of a switchover process which has been taking place primarily in Eastbourne, Haywards Heath, Hastings and Lewes. One of the earliest stations to be switched off was BBC2 and the analogue signal has disappeared and will not be returning.

It is scheduled for the next phase to begin on 13 June, where the other four terrestrial channels will be switched off. Teams of people responsible for the switchover have been working constantly in order to ensure that the switchover goes smoothly. Most of the transition has been taking place at the Heathfield transmitter as well as 14 other relay transmitters in the surrounding area.

Two roadshows had been taking place in Hastings and Eastbourne where advice and support was available for people who are confused about the digital switchover. The roadshows are going to be continuing this weekend and run from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon. They are going to be stopping while the changeover is not taking place, but returning for the second stage.

Those who are already receiving digital television also need to retune their devices if they haven’t already done so. They will also have to retune them again in two weeks in order to ensure that they continue to receive television signals. Those who are using Sky or Freesat will not need to make any changes.