East Sussex Healthcare still have work to do

A new report from the Care Quality Commission stated that while East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has followed some suggestions for improvement since their last assessment, there are still many more reasons to be concerned.

The CQC report stated that the number of failings that were discovered during this year’s assessment, including trust monitors and the average standard of treatment, placed patients at the hospital at risk. In response the report, the trust is going to take action to revamp both of its hospitals: Hastings’ Conquest and Eastbourne District General.

A statement was released from the CQC that explained that the trust was inspected various times during February, April, and September of last year and it was discovered that they had many failings that were increasing the risk of harm to patients. In particular the report was most concerned about how patients with poor mental capacity were treated and if proper DNR considerations were made on their behalf.

In addition, it found that doctors and consultants were not recruited properly with a heavy reliance on instead hiring locum staff. There was also no good method of communication set up with the board to offer reassurance that patients were receiving the highest quality of care and some patient care plans were not fully completed by staff members.

The CQC has given the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust up to March 31st to be compliant with their requests and regulations. In response, trust member Darren Grayson stated that the Trust is committed to offering only the best of care to their patients to assure positive outcomes and that they aim to meet all of the new regulations. He added that the reports do show improvement in certain areas over the last five months since the last inspection.