East Sussex Local Business Accelerators.

Several companies from East Sussex have progressed to the next stage of the initiative of the Eastbourne Herald’s Local Business Accelerators. There are six businesses who are now going to receive a substantial amount of free advertising in the paper and they will also be given mentoring from some leading businesses inEastbourne.

The initiative was launched in the autumn of last year and is organised by the newspaper industry locally. The idea is that it is going to give a boost to small businesses in the region. The competition was open to all businesses who have been operating for less than three years and it is expected that those involved in the initiative will reap serious benefits from it.

£15 million of free advertising is being given away to around 1500 firms who’ve signed up to the initiative. This advertising is expected to boost their trading figures substantially in 2012. The scheme has been backed by some high-profile individuals including businesswomen and star of TV’s Dragon’s Den, Deborah Meaden. The Prime Minister, David Cameron has also voiced his support for the initiative.

Mr Cameron recently commented, “I would like to offer my personal congratulations to all the winners of this initiative. It is excellent to see that so many companies, from so many different areas of business, taking advantage of this initiative. Ambition, creativity and entrepreneurship are factors that I know are essential to the economic recovery of the UK.

It’s fantastic to see that local newspapers are supporting the scheme so much and it really shows that they understand the value of small businesses are in our economy. I wish all of those involved in the scheme the best success over the coming months and for the rest of 2012.”

The National Ambassador of the scheme is Deborah Meaden and she will be offering mentoring to the company who is selected as the overall winner from all of those involved. The CE of the Business Growth Fund is Stephen Welton and he has said, “This scheme is a great way to give young businesses a boost. It is my pleasure to support the scheme which is an initiative I believe it’s going to bring a significant boost to the economy.

“The economy in this country continues to challenge businesses and it is very important that opportunities like this exist to help local businesses succeed. I think offensive