East Sussex sunniest place in the United Kingdom

East Sussex have recently been battling over who will be able to hold the title of being the sunniest place in the United Kingdom. It was initially thought that Eastbourne was the one to hold the title because the weather correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, Philip Eden, had said that this part of the country had received nearly 2000 hours of sunshine last year.

The town was eager to use this statistic and claims as it would be very good for tourism but it was not long after this that the tourism board in Hastings was claiming that they received over 2000 hours of sun last year. The officials from Hastings also claimed that Eastbourne’s figures are not quite accurate because the sunshine readings were taken from the highest point of Beachy Head.

The Channel Islands have also claimed that they are the sunniest place above both Hastings and Eastbourne. Mr Eden looked at the data that was collected from around the country and found that Eastbourne was the place in the country that received the most sunshine. In April it received a particularly impressive amount of sunshine at over 270 hours, which was 100 more than the average across the UK.

Neil Stanley, from Eastbourne Council, stated, “We are very pleased to see that we have been rated as the sunniest place to live in the UK once again.” Peter Charney, a councillor from Hastings commented, “It is outrageous that Eastbourne are taking that away from us, Hastings is the place that is often at the top of the sunshine league but we don’t really often get recognised for this. Every year we are the sunniest place and those who come to visit Hastings are going to enjoy a very sunny holiday.”

Another spokesperson from the council commented, “Eastbourne isn’t the place that you necessarily need to go if you want to receive the most sun. Hastings receives over 2000 hours of sun every year and we don’t cheat on our readings by placing our weather stations at the top of Beachy Head.”

The director of tourism for Jersey, which is in the Channel Islands, is David de Cartere and he commented, “We are the sunniest and warmest place in the UK and this is something that we pride ourselves on. Any dispute that is going on between Eastbourne and Hastings is an argument for second place.

We have the scientific facts to back up what we are saying and we would welcome any counter to these figures.” Mr Eden has said that any figures can be open to interpretation and it depends on what sort of recording you are doing, saying there is no clear winner.