English wine industry set to grow in the coming years

According to an industry report released by the Morgan Stanley Research, the local vineyards will produce more wine in the future, while other important global wine producers diminished their supply as opposed to the increasing demand on the market.

The main reason for this global diminishing of the offer is the bad weather in the past three years, which severely affected the production of nearly 300 million cases of wine, while demands from countries such as US and China are constantly increasing.

Although the approximate1 million wine producers from across the globe offer 2.8 billion cases of wine each year, the quantity supplied is simply not enough. In addition, nearly half of the global wine production comes from the reputed vineyards of Europe, such as the ones in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, England, or Romania.

By far the most affected countries of the poor weather conditions are Argentina and France, where prices will obviously rise. On the other hand, the local production in Sussex is blooming, and the prices are good, according to the Southeast Vineyards Association. The association’s chairman, Mr. Chriss Foss, is finally confident in the power of the Sussex wines, after the poor weather that has installed for the past few years, and could not have supplied the increasing demand.

The vineyards of Sussex are constantly improving, as the soils and climate are similar to the ones from the reputed French region, Champagne. In addition, the Southern vineyards from Essex include the new ones near Alfriston.

The head winemaker from Bolney Wine Estate claims the English wine market and industry are still of reduced capacities, but are eagerly growing, and what better way to support his affirmation, if not the celebration of the vineyard’s Cuvee Rose 2009 which became the 8th wine of the world at a prestigious international competition held in Verona, Italy.

Local wine producers are encouraged to expand their properties by buying more adjacent lands and create new vineyards, in England’s wish to become an important global wine player.