Environmental group back shake up of UK fishing quotas

The environmental group Greenpeace is asking the government to go ahead with the shake up of the fishing quota system in the United Kingdom. There is an ongoing legal battle with regard to the control of UK fishing quota. As you know, the fishing quota has been one of the most complicated topics in the United Kingdom, especially when it concerns the coastal community.

The government as well as the high court decided to redistribute the unused fishing allowance held by heavyweight industry to small fishing boats. This decision of the government and high court was also backed by Greenpeace.

However, the court rejected all the aforementioned grounds, which has eventually led the industry to challenge the Department of Rural Affairs, the Department of Environment, and Food as well as the claim that fishing quota cannot be implemented because it belongs to private property.

It simply goes to show that a designated amount of quota cannot be possibly implemented. As a result to this, the species such as sole, cod, and herring will now directly go into a common pool, which will then be shared by small scale fishermen in the different areas of the United Kingdom. Sussex is also included in those areas.

Ariana Densham, a well known campaigner of Greenpeace Ocean said that the ongoing ruling will significantly help not only the small scale fishermen, but as well as anybody who cares about the future of the sea as well as the entire coastal communities.

This can be seen as a complex aspect, but if you come to look at it, it will eventually benefit not only a specific group of people, but the entire people of the United Kingdom. The arguments raised by the fishing barons were demolished by the judge. The judge sees this as the baron’s way of stranglehold on Britain’s fish.