Extension to A22 recommended to put an end to traffic gridlocks

Gridlock is particularly bad in some part of East Grinstead and a report has recently shown that the A22 should be given an extension of extra lanes in order to reduce some of the problems. The report was part of a study which was conducted in order to assess whether widening the road was a logical solution to the traffic problem.

It is called The Adkins Report and it was originally commissioned by the County Council in West Sussex. Essentially the report found that when London Road reaches overcapacity it could use an extra lane in order to keep traffic moving. It is further expected that an extension is going to be required because of new housing developments which are taking place in the area and will put more cars on this already busy road.

However, the project is going to be rather expensive if it goes ahead. The report suggests that the traffic could be eased by widening taking place in five individual locations, which is going to cost the council an estimated £3 million.

It is also going to have an unfortunate consequence for some businesses in the area as more space would need to be created where they have premises Moat Road is an area that is likely to be affected and this would require several businesses to have their buildings demolished in order to make way for a road.

The report did highlight however that limited extension of the road could also be seriously advantageous and would cost a much more reasonable sum. It is estimated that if three of the five locations were expanded it would only cost around £1 million. The Council have commented that the cost of the project may be prohibitive at the moment although they have not ruled out the suggestions from the reports.