Extinct bee found alive and well in Sussex

Stephen Falk has recently released a study which is shown that a bee that was thought to be extinct in the UK is actually still around. The insect has recently been discovered in Sussex.

The study conducted by Mr Falk showed that bees were doing better than he expected. There were certain species however that are at risk of losing their habitats, according to study. The study looked at nearly 230 species of the and involved a great many visits to their environments.

The bee that was thought to be extinct is called the Halictus eurygnathus bee and in the past it had previously been found to feed on mainly one type of plant. About the discovery Mr Faulk commented, “the species requires knapweed to survive and it is my hope that this information will help to conserve the species in the future.”

The bee initially went extinct because the plant which it fed on had its numbers significantly reduced due to grazing animals in the South Downs. Mr Faulk highlighted in his report the importance of having wildflowers for the maintenance of several species of bee. The charity Buglife have called for more funding to be put into this area of research.