Firefighters cut in Sussex to save £2.5m

It is estimated that in Sussex £2.5 million worth of savings are going to be made by reducing the number of firefighters who are on duty at two stations in the County. The Fire and Rescue Service in West Sussex are currently consulting with various members of the public on the cuts that it is planning on making, which would reduce the feet of emergency vehicles by around 10 percent.

The idea behind the cuts is that they are going to meet reduce budget allowances without having to force anyone to become redundant. It is hoped that by the end of the process only the people who want to leave are going to have to.

The idea is that members of the team are going to be alternated so that specialists are no longer required to be on duty all the time in order to man the equipment. The idea behind this is that the shifts of firefighters are going to be reduced so that some are not on duty all the time. Extra training is going to make this possible, and it is thought that this will save money in the long run.

The fire service has commented, “This new system is going to mean that there are still going to be nine firefighters always on duty at each station, which is going to allow them to man two fire engines as well as the special aerial ladder platform.

We are going to have to reduce our staff numbers, and we’re hoping that we can do this without the need for making anyone redundant without their desire to leave. The project is going to mean we are going to have two conducted a 10 percent reduction in the number of vehicles in order to save a minimum of nearly £60,000 every year.”