Flood investigation supported by West Sussex councillor

Louise Goldsmith, a councillor in West Sussex has recently stated that she supports an investigation into the floods that took place in the county in June. She stated that it is important that an investigation into these floods be given a very high priority.

She commented, “A full report is going to be published in November and it is expected that many of the findings are going to be around some of the worst hit areas in the county.

“This investigation is going to be very transparent and if any people in the county do have questions we are encouraging them to get in touch. We have an e-mail address where people can send their questions, and we will do our best in the investigation to answer them.

We want to work better with communities while we are putting together this report and assist people in organising a better flood response in the future. It is important that we focus on making communities in the county more resilient to flooding and offering them more assistance.”