Flood warnings given for Sussex

Heavy rain has recently been hitting the country and business owners as well as homeowners have been warned by official bodies to prepare for more heavy rain and flooding that could be coming to the country.

In the south of England many businesses were closed because of flooding earlier this week after an intense 24 hours of rainfall. This amount of rain is normally expected over the entire month, but instead it all fell in a single day.

A severe weather warning has been issued by the Met Office for western parts of England and Wales. People in this part of the country have just started recovering from the earlier flooding which happened over the weekend. The Met Office has said that they are concerned that the ground has become saturated with the previous water and when more rain falls, it is not going to be able to absorb it properly, and there could be subsequent flooding.

The emergency services were overwhelmed at the weekend when people started calling the fire department because they were being flooded. This is not an appropriate use of the emergency services and the Fire Brigade have appealed for people to stop calling them unless there is a real emergency going on.

One of the areas that has been worst affected is in Sussex and it is expected that around 40 properties have had to face flood waters of over one metre. Some people have been forced out of their homes because of the flooding and have taken up residence in a temporary centre. Some children also had to be evacuated from a primary school in the region after a torrent of water started flowing towards the buildings. In parts of London the Fire Brigade have been helping residents remove water from their homes with pumps.