Free fitness lessons outdoors for Octagenarians

Many members from the Balcombe 61 Social Club got outside last week and rolled back the years when they took park is free outdoor fitness sessions that were organised by the Mid Sussex Wellbeing Team. The Balcombe 61 club plays a vital role in giving older people the chance to socialise, try new activities and go on day trips.

Kamella Clough is the physical activity coordinator for Mid Sussex Wellbeing, and she visited the group last Wednesday to show them how to make the most of outdoor fitness equipment available at the village recreation ground. 3 pieces of outdoor fitness equipment has been provided at Balcombe Recreation Ground by Mid Sussex District Council to encourage local people to stay in shape while enjoying the great outdoors at the same time.

Kamella made the most of her experience as a trained fitness instructor when she led  the training session and provided the group with a step by step guide to using the equipment in such a way to gain the best benefits, and also to help them develop personal fitness plans for themselves.

Councillor Christopher Snowling is the Cabinet Member for health and Community, and he said that exercising outdoors is great fun for all ages, and has been proven to be especially beneficial for older people. He added that the outdoor equipment the council had provide was ideal for a low impact workout as it didn’t place any stress on fragile joints, and with regular use people could both improve their flexibility mobility.

There is now 8 recreation grounds and parks across Mid Sussex that have outdoor fitness equipment, and the Wellbeing team is always happy to help a local group to learn how to use it to properly and how to achieve the best results, so any group looking to try the outdoor gyms for themselves should contact the team to arrange an induction session.