Free stay safe event organised by Caffyns of Brighton

There are times in all our lives when we have felt uneasy, this could be due to breaking down at night, having to cross a deserted car park in the dark or being approached by a stranger when there was nobody else around. Although these situations are, thankfully, few and par between, nevertheless they do happen.

Caffyns, the VW car retailer, have now come to the aid of drivers in the locality by hosting an event on Tuesday 12th November which consists of a free Drive to Arrive. This is to be held at the Caffyn’s showroom on Victoria Road, Portslade in Brighton.

Driving more economically and safely, basic car maintenance and surviving on today’s increasingly hazardous roads will be top of the agenda, with advice given on reducing the risks faced when driving for work or socially, including dealing with so-called ‘road rage’ from other drivers.

The increase in road traffic in the UK – up by 50 per cent in the last two decades – is an important factor and this is set to rise by an alarming 100 per cent in the next 20 years, predict motoring experts. In a survey of more than 3,000 motorists by YouGov for a leading UK insurance company, it was revealed that nearly 1 in 10 (9%) have been threatened with physical violence and over half (56%) of drivers questioned agreed that road users are generally less courteous than five years ago.

Even more alarming was the revelation that over a fifth (21%) of road rage sufferers have argued with another motorist because of road rage, while 36% admitted it makes them drive more aggressively. Almost one in ten (8%) said they’ve followed another driver as a result.

“Personal safety and security are imperative for everyone today. The menace of aggressive, inconsiderate driving on our roads seems to be increasing at the moment and we believe that all it takes is a little consideration and know how to avoid situations which can escalate into the kinds of tragic incidents we have all heard about recently,” said Ross Keeley, sales manager of Caffyns Brighton.

“We want drivers to enjoy their independence and freedom and be able to travel safely and confidently on our roads. We hope that by highlighting the risks facing drivers, our Drive to Arrive evening will provide them with a wealth of information and practical advice,” he added.

Driving a high performance car safely including skid control, Economy driving to reduce fuel consumption and defusing potential conflict situations on the road will be examined by Institute of Advanced Motorists driving specialist Mike Lyne. This will include discussion and role play about combating the hazards of modern driving, including so-called ‘road rage’, which members of the audience can take part in. The frequent causes of aggressive, dangerous driving and ‘motorway madness’ will all be examined, with the audience encouraged to share their own experiences and how these could have been avoided.

But the course is not designed to encourage motorists to take the law into their own hands by becoming attackers themselves, emphasised Ross: “Our Drive to Arrive evening is free to anyone wishing to improve their driving skills and maximise personal safety while behind the wheel of their car. Judging from the response we are already receiving, we are expecting a lot of interest in this course,” he explained.

During the event, volunteers from the audience will be invited to take part in self defence role-play by self defence specialist Andy Williams. They will be shown how to beat the bullies behind the wheel and, if diplomacy fails, how they can legally use everyday objects normally found about one’s person for personal self-protection and ensure a rapid escape from a would-be attacker.

Representatives from the Brighton branch of the Institute of Advanced Motorists will also be hand to discuss their organisation’s various advanced driving courses with interested visitors.

Not many vehicles are equipped with full tool-kits nowadays, so Caffyns’ service technicians will also offer visitors practical hands-on instruction on dealing with roadside emergencies, routine car maintenance and car safety checks. The evening is free and all will be encouraged to roll up their sleeves and ‘have a go’ themselves under the guidance of expert motor technicians, promises the dealership. Gloves will be provided for hygiene purposes.

Anybody interested in attending the free Drive to Arrive evening at Caffyns Brighton on Tuesday, November 12 can telephone:

Maralyn Gorringe

T:01992 503129