Government warned of local fracking fears

Nick Herbert has recently warned the government that a lot of people living in rural areas are afraid of the possible negative impacts that fracking will have; mainly due to “fear of the unknown”.The Sussex MP’s comments were made due to increasing unease among government officials and MPs this new innovative method used to extract energy from gas, acquired from deposits of shale lying beneath the earth’s surface.

He said, “Introducing fracking to West Sussex will contribute to the negative feedback that the introduction of new housing received. The implications cause a lot of worry for many people, and not having a lot of info about its potential damage does not help either. Local concerns are being made by the fear of not knowing what lies ahead as many people appreciate that alternative and cheaper energy need to be found.”

Eric Ollerenshaw, who is also a Tory MP, reiterated the fears of Mr Herbert and warned that going ahead with plans to develop facilities for shale gas could possibly contribute to creating a brand new “North-Side divide”. This has led to other members of parliament also voicing concerns, with the president of the Lib Dem party saying that short-sightedness in rushing to exploits these shale deposits may end up causing massive countryside damage that could end up being long-lasting.

A West Sussex site was the venue for drilling tests earlier last week, a move that went ahead despite local people and environment activists joining forces to protest about the potential for mini-earthquakes to result from this, as well as the harm the activity may cause to the water table. These events have led to the Energy company Cuadrilla making a statement saying that they have no intentions of including fracking in the operations taking place in that particular area.