Hastings Direct to add even more new jobs

Not even four months after it was announced that Hastings Direct would be adding 200 new jobs, they doubled that projections to 400 new jobs in 2013. The news was welcome coming from the area’s leading local employer.

Gary Hoffman, the insurance company’s CEO, met Stephen Lloyd, the Eastbourne MP on Friday to make the announce formal, and to spread the word that they are in need of 200 more employees than anyone thought.

Back in September, Hastings Direct said it needed to expand it’s workforce of 1400 to keep pace with growing demand. It was at that time that the company floated the 200 new jobs number, and now that has been doubled. The job openings range from entry level to senior management level.

CEO Hoffman said that there is but one focus at Hastings Direct and that is to build a UK success story. Indeed, it was just in February 2009 that they client base numbered 300,000. Currently, it is around the 1 million mark, an increase of over 300%.

Mr. Lloyd offered his congratulations at the Friday meeting and said that Hastings success shows confidence growing in UK plc. He pointed out that 1 million new private sector jobs have been created since May of 2010, which is when the mixed Liberal Dem-Coalition Conservative government came to power.

While the new job openings are full time positions, the company said it would consider job share or part time positions to accommodate students, or single parent situations. To make that work some shifts would cross evenings and weekends.

Salaries are to start at £17,000, which includes a monthly bonus, some benefits, and discounts with major retailers valued at £1,000 annually. More info can be retrieved at www.hastingsdirectjobs.com. N.B. All applicants must be at least 18 years old.