Heart patients in Sussex warned to get flu jab

Heart patients in Sussex are being urged by the British Heart Foundation to make sure that they get their flu jab in time for winter. Heart patients who fall sick with the flu are around four times more likely to suffer a heart attack. There are over 75,000 people who suffer from heart disease in the South East.

A senior cardiac nurse for the BHF is Judy O’Sullivan and she commented, “If you get sick you are at a much higher risk level of having complications. We urge people to go and get the free jab which makes you half as likely to contract the flu.”

Some people find it difficult to identify the difference between having a cold and the flu. In order to help people determine the differences the BHF has created a booklet that gives information on how to tell the two apart. The booklet also gives some information that addresses the concerns that some people have that the flu jab can actually make you sick. O’Sullivan has said, “It is nothing more than a myth that the flu jab can make you ill. It simply does not contain a virus that is capable of making you contract the flu.”