Horsham district council recognised for its dedication to youth politics

The district council for Horsham has just been recognised for having a dedication to youth politics. The council put in a great deal of commitment and hard work in order to get young people in the area elected to the youth Cabinet in West Sussex as well as the youth Parliament for the UK.

The elections that will run were part of the Junior Citizen event this year. They were organised by the council and saw around 1000 students come to the elections from surrounding schools. Unlike elections in the real world, these elections for a voter turnout of nearly 100 percent, quite a remarkable achievement, which led to the recognition of Horsham council as a significant promoter of youth democracy in the country.

The award is going to be collected by young people from the district from the Palace of Westminster. This award is going to be taken back to Horsham and given to the district council. Two of the young people who went to the events have also become involved in the Children Can Do. This is a program that supports young people who are aged between five years old and 13 years old who want to make a positive impact on the local community.

This charity has been very popular and has received funding from organisations such as People Can Do, Saxon Weald and the North Portion Parish Council. The award was given out at a special ceremony that it was hosted by member of Parliament, Tim Loughton.

Another member of Parliament, Adam Breacher commented, “It is a really incredible achievement that this area managed to have a voter turnout of nearly 100 percent. When you consider that the turnout on the district level for the last election was less than 50 percent, this really is something quite remarkable.

“This really goes to show that if young people have the opportunity to get involved with politics on the local level, they really will embrace it. I feel it is very important that government at a larger level work with the youth to make sure that any problems that they might have are recognised and dealt with.”