Hosepipe ban expected this week

It is expected that a hosepipe ban is going to come into effect across Sussex on Thursday. Sussex is not the only county to be facing a hosepipe ban and many areas in the south-east of the country are facing the driest period for nearly 90 years. Householders are being encouraged by local councils to take showers instead of baths, and turn off taps whenever they are not in use.

A recent Exposé featured in the Sun newspaper has shown that South East Water have been opening fire hydrants and letting water flow into the sewers. They have been flushing this water since last September and an investigation by the newspaper has shown that this might have been going on for a much longer time.

The reason that the water company do this flushing process is it allows the pipes to be cleared of rust and sediment. The process is rather wasteful however and it is estimated that it wastes around 10 litres of water every second. Despite the apparent wastefulness, experts have said that it is a process that ensures our drinking water supply remains healthy and it has not been done for several years.

The newspaper suggests that across the south-east over 1000 hydrants have been flushed since September, wasting an enormous amount of total water. South East Water are responsible for providing water to over 2 million people in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. Along with many other water companies in the country they are introducing water restrictions after a winter that was much drier than expected.

The director of the company Paul Seeley recently stated in an interview that people should start conserving water by not using hosepipes and taking showers. He described the water reserves is being exceptionally low for this time of year.

A worker in the water industry has commented about the flushing procedure conducted by the company, “At times of such drought it is a terrible thing to do. I’ve been working in the water industry for three decades and I’ve never seen such waste before.” The company said that the flushing process will finish this week.