Houses for sale in Lincoln

Despite the fact that is it is the fourth fastest growing city in the UK, houses for sale in Lincoln and the surrounding areas can be found for prices that, at £158,000, are way below the national average. Set in Lincolnshire and offering a blend of both the countryside and the coast, Lincoln is much overlooked when it comes to city breaks from domestic tourists, yet overseas visitors flock to it to admire the magnificent cathedral and medieval architecture.

In recent years Lincoln has been trying to find that balance between its history and culture and being a modern, forward thinking city that will attract home buyers and investors. It has to be said that this has been, on the whole, successful, and while it may not yet tick every box, this just adds to its appeal even more.

Much development has been taking place of late, and prospective buyers now have the choice of older, traditional houses as well as modern but tasteful developments and city centre conversions that have brought apartments and studios onto the market. These have been tastefully constructed to ensure that they are in keeping with the surrounding building, and there are no ugly apartment blocks to spoil the aesthetics of the city.

Despite the fact that a large portion of its economy relies on tourism, it has been somewhat under exploited as a tourist destination, but the new University and much improved road links means it is catching up fast. The general consensus is that now is the best time to buy property in Lincoln, as with redevelopment being ongoing, the demand for property will invariably drive up the prices.

For those who are coming to Lincoln on a short term basis, or who want to try out living here before taking the step onto the property ladder here, flats to rent in Lincoln can be found relatively easily and average around £360 a month for a studio near the University but rising significantly the closer you get to the city centre.

Outlying areas and surrounding towns have also seen a surge of interest in properties thanks to the new road links which makes commuting a whole lot easier than it used to be. Being less than 30 miles from the coast means that those who live between the city and the coast have the best of both worlds, and families looking to relocate yield the largest number of prospective home buyers in these areas.

 Guest post by Julie J