Husband pays tribute to wife who died at Camber Sands

A man has recently paid tribute to his wife who died in an accident at Camber Sands, just two weeks after she moved to the country in order to be with her husband. The husband, Ajmal Gill recently commented, “She was a wonderful woman and I will miss her a great deal. We were very much in love and my life is not going to be the same without her.”

The accident occurred after the woman, Tanzeela Ajmal, ran into trouble in shallow waters and drowned. His wife was one of several people who were dragged underwater by a rip current although she was the only one who died. Two others who were a part of the group were taken to hospital although they survived after treatment for hypothermia and ingesting water.

The woman was 29 years old and she was pulled from the water by a member of the public. She was unconscious at first and taken by ambulance to hospital where she later died. In the hospital she was met by her husband and the doctors were initially optimistic that she would make a recovery, however unfortunately she did not wake up and has recently been taken off life support.

The couple were devout Christians and the husband travelled with their church group to the beach in order to celebrate her life. They were both originally from Pakistani, where they were first married, and they decided to move to the UK in order to set down roots. It was expected that they would be moving much sooner, but his wife had some delays and only arrived a couple of months before her death. Mr Gill commented, “The first few weeks we spent together in this country were a wonderful time and it is so sad that it all ended in tragedy.”