Intrepid sailors spend 24 hours in a life raft to raise money for cancer charity

4 intrepid sailors spent 24 hours last weekend off the Brighton Marina sea-wall in a life raft to raise money for the Sail 4 Cancer charity. Apart from raising some much needed funds, the main objective of the event was to raise public awareness of the 1000 people in the UK who are diagnosed with cancer every day.

Graham Precey is Sail 4 Cancer’s chairman and was one of the Brighton raft volunteers, he said that the 24 aspect of the challenge was really important considering that almost 1000 were diagnosed with cancer in UK during this time period, and that spending 24 hours in a life raft in November was a pretty grim experience especially with 3 inches of water inside the raft.

He added that with a water temperature of 10 degrees and an air temperature of zero degrees, we would have been in real trouble if we hadn’t been wearing immersion suits. Compared to the rigours of cancer treatment though, this liferaft challenge was easy!

So far the Sussex liferaft team has raised nearly £3,000 for Sail 4 Cancer. The Sussex event is part of a country wide campaign sponsored by marine safety equipment specialists Ocean Safety. Two more liferaft teams are planning to don their waterproofs this coming weekend in Hampshire.

Graham added “The fundraising side of things isn’t over yet. People can still make a donation via our website. Also, the Brighton raft was sponsored by long time Sail 4 Cancer supporter Tim Cronin, Managing Director of 200m2 Exhibition Stands. Tim has kindly said that he will donate 10% of any exhibition stand hire orders made before the 24th of December 2012 – all people have to do is mention the word ‘liferaft’ when making an enquiry! This is a very generous initiative and we thank Tim and everyone at 200m2 Exhibition Stands for all their support.”

Tim Cronin, Managing Director of 200m2 Exhibition Stands said “Having been on survival training courses when I was in the Royal Navy, I know how tough this challenge was… especially in November. Sail 4 Cancer is a great little charity and they make a real difference to the lives of people affected by cancer. As one of the UK’s leading exhibition services companies, I’m very pleased to be in a position to help this great cause.”

If you’d like to take part in next year’s Liferaft Challenge, please visit For more information on 200m2 Exhibition Stand’s range of exhibition services, including exhibition stand hire options, call 01252 641070 or visit